I am Mrs D – a married, ‘twenty-something’ who loves all things creative. Last year, on a whim, I bought myself a sewing machine. It was the best impulse purchase I have ever made! I now spend the majority of my spare time creating, sewing, quilting, knitting…

Whilst I could quite happily continue, purely for fun, to craft to my heart’s content, I suspect I may end up driving my wonderful new husband a bit daft. Our lovely little house is beginning to resemble a craft fair/ textile warehouse/ treasure trove of handmade home furnishings (take your pick)!

I have now realised that I need to find a more focussed outlet for the creative side of my life… and, in a nutshell, that’s how by Mrs D was born!

So what is by Mrs D all about? Honestly? The answer is absolutely nothing fancy – simply having fun and hopefully learning something along the way. Take this first blog, for example. I am just starting out in the world of “blogging” and am discovering an exciting new way of sharing my creations = something new and fun!

The truth is, I have always been the one with the plan. The “organised” one. The one that colour-coded her homework at school (yes, I know I sound like a hoot)! Perhaps that is why I am finding this venture quite intimidating. There is no “masterplan” and that, in itself, is a new challenge for me.

So here’s to overcoming the hurdle of blog number one! Now I’m off for a well-deserved cup of tea…

Mrs D xx


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