Meet Hamish…


This is Hamish. He is a soft, cuddly, fun-loving footstool. He is also a sheep and was born in Cambridge. Check out some of his friends at bopeepsheep.

Hamish just loves to be useful. He offered to help me pick out the wool for my next project and so we had some fun pulling lots of wool out of my (now numerous) knitting bags looking for inspiration.

Hamish preferred the selection of blues and greys.  I always find it very difficult to stray from the pinks and purples. Stalemate.

Not to worry though, I reassured Hamish that I plan to happily knit my way through both these piles of wool… it’s just that the blues might need to wait a bit longer to find their new purpose in life. Hamish, on the other hand, told me he was quite content with his current existence as a sheep/footstool/comforter and would quite like it if I didn’t turn him into my next woolly hat. I hereby solemnly promise that I will never knit Hamish!

Mrs D xx


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