What’s on my needles?

I haven’t posted about a ‘work in progress’ knitting project for a while. Now I would say that ‘there’s no time like the present’. However, the problem is that it has taken me a wee while to write up this blog and my ‘work in progress’ has now found its way into the ‘finished objects’ collection!

Not to worry – here’s a peek at one of my most recent WIP-turned-FO…

Meet the makings of the cosy Berry Snood. I designed this snood in late September last year when I first spotted the gorgeous Rowan thick ‘n’ thin yarn. I have since fallen hook, line and sinker for this yarn! The original Berry Snood belongs to my Mum – it was a gift for her birthday in October last year and has hardly been off her neck all winter! I used the ‘Flint’ blue thick ‘n’ thin yarn for Mum as blue is her all-time favourite colour. Mum loves her snood so much that I felt left out and had to make one for myself too! This time I’ve opted for one of my favourite colours – a warm, rich purple.

The snood is knitted in one piece on straight needles with one simple seam sewn in mattress stitch to complete. I opted for the ‘Berry’ name because the little bumps on this pattern remind me of an autumn berry basket: I see Mum’s blue snood covered in blueberries, whilst the rich purple snood is bursting with blackberries. Tasty and cosy at the same time!

The Berry Snood knitting pattern will soon be available for purchase at my Etsy shop. So if you’re keen to try your hand at an easy but rewardingly stylish and cosy snood pattern, watch this space!

Mrs D xx


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