Baby steps into the world of quilting…

Just one week into by Mrs D  and I have already professed my growing love for patchwork. I am, however, channeling this love by using it as an opportunity to learn a new skill. A few weeks ago I embarked upon an adventure… in the form of a quilting class! Over five weeks, the course teaches every stage of the quilting process – from cutting the fabric, to sewing nine-patch blocks, to creating the ‘quilt sandwich’ and binding it all together at the end.

But before beginning the class, I had a difficult decision to make. What fabrics would I choose for my first quilt? Although a seemingly straightforward question, faced with the myriad of gorgeous fabrics in my local fabric store, Mandors, my Libran indecisiveness struck! I wavered, but eventually settled on this fabulous selection of red, cream and coral.

Having selected my fabric, the class could begin! So far, we have experimented with our rotary cutters, boards and rulers to carefully cut the correct fabric widths and lengths…

…and have sewn the nine-patch blocks together using 1/4 inch seams.

I am so excited to see my quilt taking shape and am impressed by the speed at which we are all making progress in the class.

Check back soon for the next chapter in the tale of my first quilt!

Mrs D xx


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