A nine-patch problem and a quilted solution!

Having completed the top of my first quilt, I found myself with enough material to make three left over nine-patch blocks. I couldn’t possibly let these go to waste and so I came up with a solution – matching quilted cushions!

My first quilted project was a cushion (see my earlier blog here) and so I felt confident that I could tackle a second cushion. This time I used a 30cm x 30cm cushion pad and designed a pattern to fit around the nine-patch block. I pinned the quilt sandwich together for the front of the cushion; set about quilting the nine-patch block with some diagonal quilting lines; followed by cutting and sewing the border fabric to each side of the quilted block to make it up to size.

Now for the reverse side. My favourite method of making up a cushion is the simple “envelope” style. Why? Three reasons:

  • it is so straightforward;
  • all the work can be done by a sewing machine (I avoid time-consuming hand-sewing wherever possible); and
  • if you ever have a tea/ chocolate/ red wine disaster on/near your lovely handmade cushion, you can easily remove the cushion cover for a spring clean or some crisis management!

To jazz things up (rather than stick to the same front border fabric), I chose to highlight one of the quilted fabrics on the reverse.

I think this fabric is so pretty and could quite happily pose as a cushion cover in its own right. So I have ended up with two cushions in one – a quilted front and a simple but lovely envelope reverse which means that I can change the look of our living room sofa whenever it takes my fancy! Happy days!

Mrs D xx


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