The quilt grows…

I am so excited to see my quilt taking shape! My class is now well underway and we are approaching the final stages of quilt-making. We have completed our quilt tops and are learning how to create the quilt sandwich using a backing fabric, cosy wadding and, of course, the quilt top.

Since I last posted about my first quilt, it has grown significantly from twelve nine-patch blocks…

… to a fully-fledged quilt top! After sewing each nine-patch block together, the next step was to link the blocks by sewing small sections of the lattice fabric to the base of nine out of the twelve blocks. Before beginning the sewing, I pinned the lattice in place.

I completed the red lattice by sewing the blocks into three separate rows each with four nine-patch blocks, followed by joining up the three rows with longer side strips of the lattice fabric.

I found it quite nerve-wracking sewing the three strips together – what if the blocks didn’t line up and I had made a squinty quilt?!

For now, I am going to keep the completed top of the quilt a surprise. But you can have a sneak peek…

As a finishing touch for the top of the quilt, I have added a cream and red border around the red lattice fabric.

Check back soon to find out how I cope with quilting my first quilt!

Mrs D xx


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