A spot of Red Nose Day baking

It’s Red Nose Day today! What a great excuse to do a spot of baking and raise some money for a good cause at the same time. That said, I certainly do not require any encouragement to rustle up some baked goodies!

Keeping up with the trends, my favourite baking treat is the cupcake. It is so versatile – I have made everything from good old vanilla ones to tangy lemon, trusty chocolate, marshmallow surprises, toffee apple treats, ginger and dark chocolate delights and even some scummy carrot cake cupcakes!

As very few people can resist the lure of a pretty cupcake, I decided to make some Red Nose Day specials for our bake sale at work today. I am keeping it simple… but with a ‘twist’… by using Love Bakery’s recipe for jam-filled vanilla cupcakes.

While the cupcakes were baking, I turned my attention to the decoration – some mini icing red noses!

Before I could add these guys to the top of the cupcakes, it was time to add the ‘twist’ – the raspberry jam-filled centres. This is where an apple corer comes in handy – an unlikely baking tool!

Each cupcake was filled with around one teaspoon of my homemade raspberry freezer jam. I made the jam last summer using a traditional recipe from The Glasgow Cookery Book. As it is stored in the freezer, it keeps brilliantly and can be enjoyed throughout the year.

After filling the cupcakes it was time for the vanilla buttercream, a piping bag and some swirls! Decorating the cupcakes is definitely my favourite part. The more creative the better and, of course, no cupcake is complete without a generous dashing of edible glitter!

I am hoping these fun cupcakes will tempt my work colleagues to give generously to Comic Relief.

Happy Friday!

Mrs D xx


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