What’s on my needles?

I am conscious that, although I have posted several times about my ever-growing wool stash, I am yet to post any pictures of my knitting projects, completed or otherwise! So today I am rectifying this situation by sharing pictures of one of my current knitting projects – Erika Knight’s Cable Hot Water Bottle Cover, found in her Simple Knitting book.

I have to admit that, since taking up knitting around three years ago, rarely a week has gone by without me picking up my needles. Of course some weeks I am lucky to find time for a couple of rows – yet in other weeks I will whip myself up into a knitting frenzy, desperately trying to complete that birthday present, Christmas gift or must-have cosy accessory!

My latest project has fallen foul of the ‘running-out-of-time’ curse. This is how the cover stands at present…

Now this unfinished project wouldn’t be a problem, but for the fact that it was supposed to be part of my Mum’s Mother’s Day gift! Mum is often the recipient of my knitted goodies and so (I suspect) was half-expecting another woollen surprise. Now one thing to mention is that my Mum has never shown any interest in taking up knitting herself (although my Gran was a keen knitter and so I am convinced it must be in my genes)! This goes part of the way to explaining why Mum was somewhat horrified when, on Mothering Sunday, I presented her with this:

I, on the other hand, would have been over-the-moon with the above gift bag – but then I cannot resist a lovely new ball of wool and the lure of a knitting project!

Needless to say, I swiftly explained that I had simply run out of time and promised that I would finish her pressie in time for Easter weekend. So, inadvertently, the hot water bottle cover will now become an Easter treat – two gifts for the knit of one! It’s the thought that counts, right?

Mrs D xx


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