The value of great photography…

I am pleased to report that I had a very productive weekend. However, none of the productivity was focussed around new craft projects. Instead, I spent the weekend improving the website, creating new content (coming soon!) and playing with our new toy…

Yes, Mr and Mrs D have taken the plunge and invested in an iMac! We had previously been operating with a laptop and we were desperate to improve our photo-editing capabilities. The iMac provides the answer! iPhoto software comes as standard and we are having lots of fun learning how to edit photos – both old and new! Have you noticed an improvement to some of the photos on the site? I hope so!

Visit my knitting gallery for some irresistible yarns

Cushions handmade and designed by Mrs D

Knitting patterns by Mrs D – coming soon!

To be honest, I haven’t given Mr D the credit he deserves to date…so here goes! Mr D is the photographer. Of course, a crafting blog craves and deserves lots of lovely photos of projects, materials, experiments and ideas. Craft creations can display stunning colours, intricate design and be very well-made… but without good photography, detail and craftsmanship can very easily be lost online. One of the most important pointers I have learnt from my new blogging adventure on by Mrs D, is that the value of great photography cannot be underestimated. I suppose what I am trying to say is that this blog is very much a team effort. I provide the ideas and the love of all things creative. Mr D provides the photos through which we can share my creations with you. Although perhaps now we are really a team of three – me, Mr D and technology!

Mrs D xx


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