What’s on my needles?

So I have a bit of a problem. I cannot sit still. To be honest, this isn’t news. I have always found it difficult to ‘do nothing’. My Mum always says that my Gran was just the same.

Recently, however, this problem has become worse. I literally cannot sit in front of the TV without picking up some knitting needles. It must be this blog! It really is excellent motivation to keep on crafting!

On my needles at the moment I have the makings of an infinity scarf in Rowan alpaca cotton.

You will see from the photos that, for this project, my needles are bamboo ones. I have always used a combination of metal and plastic knitting needles… until now. I treated myself to these bamboo 5mm needles a couple of weeks ago and I love them! They are just fantastic to knit with and certainly not as slippery as the metal ones can be – which is particularly useful for this soft alpaca cotton. As a real treat, I also bought a pair of 4mm rosewood needles. I suspect that this was a mistake as I may now find it necessary to replace my whole needle stash with luxurious rosewood ones! Does anyone else have a preference for wooden and bamboo needles? I am definitely a convert!

Aside from having a great excuse to knit all the time, another exciting consequence of this blog is that I have been designing lots of knitting patterns. Over the past few years I have dabbled in pattern design and I am now working on a custom by Mrs D pattern page to enable me to share my designs with you. The current infinity scarf project on my needles is a test piece for a new pattern by Mrs D. I love seeing new patterns take shape – especially when the wool is as gorgeous as this dusty pink Rowan alpaca cotton!

I will be sharing more photos of knitted goodies designed and handmade by Mrs D – just as soon as I can drag myself away from the needles for a photo-shoot! In the meantime, to the infinity scarf… and beyond! (Just cringe-worthy, I know, but I really couldn’t resist!)

Mrs D  xx


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