Quilting plans and a love of patchwork

“My name is Mrs D and I love patchwork.”

In one of my first posts on by Mrs D I admitted my growing love for patchwork. This new obsession arose from my discovery of the world of quilting and all the wonderful fabrics available for quilting fun! I am not a decisive person at the best of times. I am therefore very much enjoying being able to select lots of fabrics to make into a patchwork quilt, rather than having to deliberate and choose just one!

At the moment, I have this lovely selection of blue fabrics waiting patiently to become a quilt.

The only problem is – what quilt pattern shall I choose? I am tempted to make another nine-patch quilt, having learnt about the techniques involved during my recent quilting course at Mandors fabric store in Glasgow. On the other hand, I am always keen to take on the next creative challenge and suspect I may try my hand at a new design – perhaps a disappearing nine-patch? At least that would mean that I could try something different at the same time as honing my new skills!

I am also very excited about making a baby quilt (on request for one of my Mum’s friends) and will shortly find out if the quilt is to be pink or blue! I cannot wait to delve into some baby fabrics for this project. Does anyone have any recommendations of where to find a good selection of cute, baby-friendly fabrics?

Before starting either of these two quilting projects, I have been busy using up the left-over nine-patch blocks from my first quilt. On Saturday, I finished another quilted patchwork cushion.

What do you think? I love these patchwork cushions and am in danger of filling our house with them! I think I best start one of my planned quilt projects to distract me from making more cushions!

Mrs D xx


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