Banana, chocolate and cinnamon muffins

Well it appears I currently have the baking bug. I have no idea why, to be honest, particularly as it is so warm outside and the kitchen really does heat up with the oven on!

On my way home last Thursday I realised that some very ripe bananas were waiting for me… the perfect opportunity for a spot of evening baking! So I headed home via the shops, purchased the missing ingredients (eggs and buttermilk) and raided my recipes books as soon as I was in the door. I was delighted to find that my hummingbird bakery cookbook contains a banana and cinnamon muffin! The recipe is easy to follow and it only took me about half an hour between reaching for the store cupboard and transferring the muffin tin to the oven. However, the muffins did take longer in the oven than the stated 20 to 30 minutes. It was closer to 40 minutes before my cake skewer came out clean but that is probably because my old electric fan oven likes taking its sweet time! How I miss the amazing Rangemaster gas oven in our Edinburgh flat. It taught me everything I know about baking – one day I hope I will be lucky enough to use one again (hint hint Mr D)…

Anyway, here’s Thursday’s baking effort.

Can you spot the not-so secret ingredient? I couldn’t resist adding a wee taste of 74% cocoa plain chocolate. Yum! Of course the best thing about banana muffins is that they can clearly be passed off as a ‘healthy’ and ‘nutritious’ breakfast the next morning! Result!

Mrs D xx


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