Glasgow loves knitting. Let’s prove it!

Bizarrely, someone recently informed me that “Glasgow doesn’t do knitting”.

Well, living in Glasgow and loving knitting I have to say that I entirely disagree! If you need any proof to back up my sentiment, you need look no further than Glasgow’s West End. Nestled in a cosy wee spot on Queen Margaret Drive sits The Yarn Cake, a fabulous knitting shop for avid knitters and beginners alike.

I discovered this little gem on a wet Saturday afternoon in May. Greeted by walls crammed full of temptingly soft yarn, coupled with offers of tea and cake, I instantly felt at home. Of course I had just popped in for a wee look… but I secretly knew I could not simply peruse the shelves of exciting new yarns. So, inevitably, this happened…

Yes, I’ve added to the wool stash! Here we have three super soft balls of Drops Andes chunky wool and alpaca blend yarn. I purchased these with the intention of creating a couple of new cowls to keep me warm in the Scottish winter… another project to add to the ever-growing list. However, as it has been so warm and sunny recently I’m afraid this chunky wool has found a spot in my craft cupboard and it is likely to remain there for a wee while yet. Somehow it just feels wrong to spend time knitting with chunky wool when the sun is shining!

Now I do have to own up that the wool wasn’t my only purchase that day…

I could not resist this mug! Whilst chunky wool is easily forgotten in warm weather, I cannot seem to give up on the equally warm but ever-so trusty cup of tea! Needless to say, this apt mug has been well used already. The eagle-eyed amongst you may also spot another purchase… a lovely pair of 9mm bamboo knitting needles. Yes, I have fallen hook, line and sinker for bamboo and rosewood needles and just had to add to my (rapidly growing) knitting needle collection!

And that’s not all I discovered whilst at The Yarn Cake. I was handed a lovely little postcard with details of their knitting nights and (I am particularly excited about this part) spinning classes! Once the sunny weather takes its leave and the lure of the garden abates, I will be heading along to one of these classes. I am always keen to develop my creative skills and so surely spinning my own wool is a natural next step?

So, there you have the proof that Glasgow very much does do knitting. Not convinced? Let’s try an experiment. If you live in Glasgow and love knitting then leave a comment, like this post, follow the blog, follow @byMrsD on Twitter or like by Mrs D on Facebook. Just make sure you let me know by starting your message with “Glasgow loves Knitting”.

Remember… “Glasgow’s miles better”… and I’m sure it knits better too!

Mrs D xx


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