Anyone for afternoon tea?

What a busy time I had last week! After a couple of weeks with no time for baking (or blogging, yes I admit!) I certainly made up for it last week with…

  • homemade raspberry jam;
  • tasty scones;
  • chocolate brownies (Friday treat for my work colleagues); and
  • cupcakes galore!

On Tuesday, inspired by the beginning of the new series of The Great British Bake Off, I took to the kitchen to make this year’s batch of raspberry jam. My Mum has made jam each summer for as long as I can remember and so last year I decided to give jam-making a go for the first time. I relied on my trusty Glasgow Cookery Book and picked two recipes – raspberry jam and freezer raspberry jam. I found the freezer jam recipe a bit surprising! No simmering or boiling involved – quite simply fruit, sugar, pectin and lemon juice working together to create a sweet, runny jam which I later discovered is ideal for filling cupcakes! However, this year I stuck to the traditional rapid boiling method to create a vivid red raspberry jam.

The process began when my Mum brought me some delicious jam raspberries from Blacketyside Farm near Leven in Fife, Scotland. These raspberries are a family favourite – every year they seem to become sweeter. Yum! I borrowed my Mum’s old jelly pan, which was handed down from her Mum’s Mum (my Great Grandmother) many years ago. I love the thought that each year the same humble jelly pan has produced lovely pots of jam for generations of our family and friends to enjoy. I daresay that means there is a little bit of history in each jar!

This year’s batch has turned out well – a bright red colour, no lumpy bits (at least in the jar I’m currently enjoying!) and a good set. That’s the bit I tend to worry about – once the just boiled liquid jam is potted, will it set?

The next step is my favourite part – making the jars look pretty! I opted for simple white lids, colourful labels and a material ‘cap’ from my ever-growing stash of material odds and ends!

Of course, once the jam was complete, the natural thing to do was whip up some scones! I duly did so on Friday evening, which meant Mr D and I could enjoy the sunshine with some afternoon tea in the garden over the weekend…

All-in-all, a successful summer project to keep on enjoying throughout the year… if it lasts long enough, that is!

Mrs D xx


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