Flower power cupcakes!

I just love baking cupcakes! For me, nothing quite beats a display of freshly baked cupcakes – it never fails to make me smile. Now, something else that always cheers me up is a pretty bunch of flowers… so you can imagine my delight upon discovering a recent cupcake craze – the cupcake bouquet!

When my Mum phoned to ask me if I would make my Aunt a birthday cake, I decided it was the perfect opportunity to give the cupcake bouquet a go. I opted to keep the cupcakes simple, using my trusty Love Bakery recipe for vanilla and raspberry jam delights. My homemade jam is coming in handy already… at this rate I will need to make lots more to keep me going!

I baked, iced and decorated the cupcakes with the obligatory edible glitter. As the cakes were to be transformed into a floral bouquet, I couldn’t resist finishing each cake off with a few pink sugarpaste flowers for some added flowery fun!

Now, for the tricky bit!

I had to work out how to arrange the cakes into a bouquet. Having searched for tips online, I had purchased a polystyrene ball which I covered in cream tissue paper and skewered with wooden cocktail sticks to hold the cupcakes in place. I had a few attempts at positioning the cocktail sticks to make sure that the cakes were close together but not quite touching. It was soon time for the moment of truth…

I was so nervous that the cakes would slip out of place overnight before I could deliver the bouquet to my Aunt. I was pleasantly surprised – each cake stayed firmly on its designated spot! Hurray!

To jazz things up a bit, I added a few felt butterflies and colourful flowers using copper wire.

The polystyrene ball was then perched on a plant pot, wrapped in tissue and clear wrap and finished off with a ribbon to complete the ‘bouquet’ look! All that was left to do was present the ‘flowers’ to my Aunt and enjoy the party! Happy Birthday Marion!

Mrs D xx


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