So long summer, Autumn is calling!

Well here in Glasgow it certainly seems that we have left summer firmly behind us. The days are drawing shorter and we have had some delightfully dreich Scottish weather this past week.

I find that it always takes a few weeks for me to adjust to change in the seasons, particularly when it comes to my wardrobe. It’s now that time of year when everything I wear seems to be wrong. I’m either too chilly (clinging to summer in my purple mac) or far too warm (when opting for that woolly jumper just isn’t quite necessary yet).

However, for the next few awkward weeks when the weather changes often and attire selection is downright difficult, I have found a solution. The humble headband! Something to keep me cosy on those fresh Autumn mornings yet neat enough to stow away in my handbag when lunchtime rolls around and the chill has worn off.

I discovered a love for the headband last year when I spotted a girl wearing a cute grey one on a December shopping trip to Cambridge. I created my own just days later and it was barely off my head right through until March!

I love making headbands from chunky wool as they are so quick to knit up, making them a very satisfying, easy project. I have a few patterns to share with you shortly but for now, take a sneak peek at these…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A brilliant last minute gift for family and friends, don’t you think? Check back to download your favourite by Mrs D patterns from my brand new Etsy shop – opening soon!

Mrs D xx


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