Quilting with pink teddies

It has been a while in coming but I am pleased to report that I have made another quilt! Yippee! This time it’s a baby quilt for a wee baby girl born in August 2013.

I have had a great time cutting, piecing, sewing, layering, quilting and binding with gorgeous pink baby fabrics. I could not resist these cute pink teddies when I spotted a fat quarter bundle in my favourite fabric store, Mandors in Glasgow.

I’m afraid I wasn’t brave enough to stray far from the nine-patch design used in my first quilt. However, I decided that the baby quilt would benefit from being slightly smaller in size and so I varied the pattern to produce a quilt of roughly 40cm squared (rather than the rectangular one produced at my quilting class).

I was pleased to discover that the techniques learned during my quilting class have stayed with me. I found that the trickiest (and most fiddly) bit was the binding. However, with instructions provided at my class and lots of patience, I managed it!

So here’s the finished quilt ready for its new baby girl…

The only problem is I think it’s too cute and really want to keep it! Time to make another one?!

Mrs D xx


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