Lovely Liberty and creating with Cath Kidston

Now that we are well into January 2014, I have begun making lots of crafting plans for the year. My lovely Christmas presents are undoubtedly going to help me have a fun-filled creative year. I received several brilliant project books from family (how could anyone possibly have guessed I love crafting?) and plan to try out at least one project each month. I’m leaving things a bit late this month, but there’s still time!

My brother bought me the gorgeous Liberty Book of Home Sewing. Not only is it bursting full of sewing projects but it also narrates a history of Liberty fabrics, recounting that Arthur Lasenby Liberty began selling imported textiles as long ago as 1875. The history of the textile industry – and its continuing relevance today – fascinates me. Textiles are so entwined in our industrial past, yet in this age of modern ‘must have now’ culture, textiles as raw materials are enjoying a brilliant resurgence with new fabric shops popping up all over the place. I think it is lovely that so many people are embracing the textile industry again, turning little pieces of fabric into treasured handmade items.

Now, if I’m being honest I really must stop myself going into fabric shops at the moment as my stash keeps growing (as does my project-list). The problem? Where does everyone find the time?

Actually, that’s the best bit. I manage to find time. I make time. Steal a moment of creative flair in an otherwise hectic day. Some much-needed ‘me-time’. It truly amazes me that in our busy modern lives so many people manage to create time for crafting and, in doing so, support our textile industry.

So that’s what I’ll do this year: I promise to keep making time to craft. Each month I will share my sewing projects with you – starting with a versatile shoulder bag from the brilliant set of three Cath Kidston books my Aunt treated me to at Christmas. The books each have a particular focus – ‘Sew’, ‘Stitch’ and ‘Patch’. There are so many projects to choose from I suspect these will easily keep me busy all year… and next!

Now I’m off to start crafting… watch this space for January’s sewing project post!

Mrs D xx


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