Happy Birthday by Mrs D!

by Mrs D is one today!

I cannot quite believe that one whole year has now passed since I posted my very first blog post. I was so nervous about pushing the “Publish” button for the first time. I was also extremely excited at the prospect of blogging as a way of recording my many creative efforts! One year on and I am still just as excited about sharing each new project with you. I can honestly say that I’m never happier than when I’m creating something new… be it knitting, sewing, quilting, blogging, designing or (a more recent development) posing for photographs for my knitting patterns on Etsy!

by Mrs D has already taken Mr D and I on a such fun journey together, both learning new skills, coming up with lots of creative ideas and – crucially – affirming that we make a really good team! Without Mr D there would be no photographs on the website at all, which would be an extremely sad state of affairs. After all, a crafting blog craves and deserves lots of lovely photos of projects, materials, experiments and ideas. So this year I have definitely learnt to appreciate the value of great photography. Thank you Mr D!

Of course, a birthday isn’t really a birthday without cake… so just to make you all hungry, here’s a selection of the baked goodies I have shared over the past year…

This year has been so full of crafting fun that I am really looking forward to discovering all my new creations over the year ahead. Mr D and I have been super-busy with lots of plans and projects recently and there will be a lot of news to share with you in the coming months, including the launch of by Mrs D yarn!

Here’s to an exciting, happy and healthy year number two!

Mrs D xx


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